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10 Useful Tips For A Successful Wedding Aboard A Yacht

Tip One

Look At the Big Picture

When planning your wedding yacht charter or reception on a boat, you want to be sure you are looking at the big picture. Before hiring and planning all of your particulars for your yacht charter wedding, you want to take some time to envision your dream wedding… picture your perfect yacht charter wedding. Organize all of your wedding reception ideas, and then with your perfect wedding reception in mind, you can begin to shop for your ideas in a calm and organized manner. You will be a cool and collected bride with a perfect wedding.

Tip Two

Set Your Budget

Just because you want a perfect yacht charter wedding or reception on a boat, it does not mean that you have to spend a ton of money. You can have a perfect wedding on a yacht or rent a boat for your wedding reception, you must shop for your yacht charter wisely. Remember, being over the top with your wedding yacht charter is not a necessity sometimes less can be more, and if you are having your wedding or wedding reception on a boat, you want to be sure you get the most bang for your buck. Sometimes some of the most elegant weddings are done with well executed precision.

Tip Three

Select and Order Your Invitations

The Invitations to your wedding yacht charter and reception on a boat should set the tone of excitement for the entire yacht charter and affair. The outside of the envelope, the stamps, and the layout of the invitation to your special wedding yacht charter and reception and event the font, can all be important details that make the difference in the success of building anticipation to your elegant yacht charter wedding and reception. When you are creating your invitations to y6our wedding yacht charter, be sure to imagine what it would be like for you to receive this exciting request to join in the celebration aboard an elegant yacht charter through the intracoastal waterways. A great invitation is one that grabs the Attention of your guests and guarantees them that your yacht charter wedding and reception are not to be missed.

Tip Four Determine Your Decor

When it comes to details at your wedding yacht charter like table center pieces and wedding reception floral arrangements, here is a great trick…. You can ask for a mixture of arrangements from high end to low end, and alternate between three different options. This can significantly help reduce your costs as opposed to all large arrangements, and the variety of arrangements adds to the aesthetics of the rooms design. This is a great way to save money at your wedding reception without sacrificing elegance.

Tip Five

Select and Purchase Your Wedding Dress

There are so many different styles and designs of wedding gowns to choose from…. It can sometimes make it hard to decide. How do you pick the perfect one for your special wedding and reception? The most important thing is to flatter your body and work with what god gave you to look stunning in an ensemble that compliments your every move, and makes you stand out at your wedding and reception aboard this boat. Know your body shape and what designs will work best with your specific shape before you go out shopping blindly. Again… have a plan and you will be successful.

Tip Six

Determine How You Want to Do Your Hair & Make-Up

Sun Dream Yacht Charters offers a special place for you to do your hair and make-up aboard every boat. Unlike other Fort Lauderdale yacht charter companies we offer space reserved just for this purpose to our guests. When you hire your makeup artists for your event’s wedding and reception party, the right person can make all of the difference. When you hire your person, make sure you ask them how much time they need per person, and find out if by hiring a couple of inexpensive assistants, you may be able to cut that time considerably. When you are booking your wedding Yacht charter or reception aboard one of our fleet of luxury boats, be sure to ask your yacht charter specialist for information about our recommended partners.

Tip Seven

Plan Your Menu

Your food aboard your wedding yacht charter can be so much more than just a meal. Let Sun Dream Yacht Charter’s award winning chef create an elegant culinary journey that relates your personality or message. When you do this with Sun Dream Yacht Charters you create a special bond with your guests and include them in the love story of your special wedding day. Perhaps the menu for your wedding yacht charter could be about places that have inspired your love and places you visited together. Then perhaps the wedding reception reflects places you are going to be going…

Tip Eight

Expect the Unexpected

Sometimes it can be fun to let your guests continually be surprised aboard your special wedding yacht charter and wedding reception. By having something different happen every 30 minutes for example, you can keep your guests eagerly anticipating what they will be experiencing next. Introduce a new food or drink, change things like the lighting of the room or the tempo of the music. Have some sort of different entertainment, or change around locations maybe…. Whatever you do…. By constantly changing it up and keeping your guests excited… you make your wedding fun and entertaining while not going crazy on your budget.

Tip Nine

Be A Gracious & Welcoming Hostess

Being a wonderful bride on your special wedding yacht charter means that you need to be a wonderful host. It is important that you take your guests aboard your wedding yacht charter know that you appreciate them being aboard with you, and that them being there on your special day at your wedding and reception is important and that you are grateful. Toasts, receiving lines, and visiting tables as a couple are great ways to show your gratitude and to see all of your guests too...

Tip Ten


Above all else, enjoy yourself. The feeling of planning your wedding and rush of elation that this brings will only happen one time in your life. Enjoy it. Savor every moment, and remember them forever. The Wedding yacht charter of your dreams is with Sun dream Yacht Charters.

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