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Party Themes For An Event To Remember

Masquerade Party

Bring this Venetian tradition to the Venice of America! A masquerade party is a unique and exciting choice for a corporate party, and Sun Dream Yacht Charters is the perfect place to set the stage. Your guests can mix in and relax with exotic masks while dancing and drinking the night away. Your guests will feel glamorous and seductive aboard one of our four luxury yachts.

If you’re interested in hosting a glamorous costume party or a special event for Halloween, let Sun Dream Yacht Charters help plan your event. Our masquerade event on the water mixes mystique and magic to create unforgettable memories for you and your coworkers or friends.

Talent Show

See another side of the staff with a talent show on ourparty boat! A talent show party is a really good idea for a corporate eventbecause it shows a side of your co-workers and even the boss that will surpriseand thrill your company for sure. You will be surprised how much talent yourcompany really has. People love to bond at a party over a talent they normallydon’t have the opportunity or the time to do in the busy corporate world. Now’s their chance! Whether it’s singing,dancing, cartwheels or card tricks, laughs and surprises are sure to follow onSun Dream yacht charter. Give them the gift of talent this holiday and ask ourstaff all the different ways we can make this event happen for you aboard our party boat.

Karaoke Party

We have all of your favorite songs (and the bosses, too)aboard our party boat. A Karaoke event is one of the most popular choices for acorporate event and Sun Dream charter yachts can throw a karaoke party a cutabove the rest. It’s always entertaining to see your friends and co-workerschoose and sing songs at a party, whether they’re silly or serious it alwaysturns out great. Everyone has a favorite song they like to sing so let them be heard at your next company event.

Hawaiian Luau

Sun Dream yacht charters is the perfect environment to have a Hawaiian themed luau for your holiday company party or corporate event on a luxury party boat. Relax while drifting along the intracoastal in the ease and comfort of a party boat luau. Our yacht charter caters to every taste bud and can provide a custom menu with authentic Hawaiian cuisine. Our party boat sets up an ideal island environment that your company will absolutely adore and we will make you like a hero. Hawaiian Holidays are a popular choice for companies who want to have a party on a boat and Sun Dream yacht charter throws the coolest luaus in the water.

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is a classy way for your company to gettogether at a party and our yacht charter can accommodate your holiday party orcorporate event in style. A ballroom dancing event is a great opportunity for acompany to show off their fashion sensibilities and interact at a party in acomfortable yet professional corporate manner. The soft city lights on theshoreline will compliment your holiday party or company event beautifully asyour guest dance in one of the most romantic environments available. Ballroomdancing on a Sun Dream yacht charter party boat is a modern way to experience a classic party that will set your corporate event above all others.

Murder Mystery Party

Have a New England style exclusive on the waters of Fort Lauderdale. There’s no place to escape from our killer party on the water! Act out a sharp and funny scenario with class and excitement aboard our party boat after dinner and drinks. This one will make you look like a hero and Sun Dream yacht charter will make it happen.Who is the killer? The boss? A co-worker? Ask Sun Dream yacht charter how you can have amurder mystery party aboard a boat. They’ll buzz with excitement after this one!

Live Music Party

Live music party aboard a party boat.Rock and roll isn’t dead, it’s alive and loud on Sun Dream yacht charters! A venue on the water is the perfect place for a holiday corporate party. Use our house band or book your own. The sound system on Sun Dream yacht charter is second to none and a company party with a live band is a sure fire way to have a great event aboard a boat. Guests love to request songs while dancing and drinking in the exciting environment of our party boat. Have a themed music night or mix it up. Our parties on Sun Dream charter yacht sound as good as they look.

White Party

A white party is a cool new idea that's feels right at home aboard Sun Dream charter yachts. Palm trees and breathtaking South Florida architecture is at your back through a gorgeous trip on intracoastal channels. A white party is easy, elegant, and a perfect environment for a company to mingle and socialize. Guests love the sense of unity and coolness of all white attire and our staff aboard our boat will decorate your dinner and drinks to match. Give your corporate party the charm and sophistication it deserves aboard our yacht charter.

Sunset Cruise

Timing is everything aboard a Sun Dream Yacht charter sunset cruise. The sun sets in style for your corporate party after dinner and over drinks to create a moment in time your company will never forget. Watch nature cast lush purple and orange sun rays across the deco atmosphere of South Florida while your guests relax with drinks as the sunset fades into a starry night. This is what Sun Dream charter yacht cruises are all about. We'll take your company event through the most gorgeous route of waterways on the eastern seaboard with the sun falling behind your moist successful event yet. Let the shoreline of South Florida speak for itself at your holiday party.

Formal Sit Down Dinner

Our staff on Sun Dream charter yachts is ready to cater your company party with style and is sure to bring success to your event. Our staff represents the ideal of tasteful service and is ready to prepare a sit down dinner on our world renowned yacht charter. We present, prepare, and serve our guests with the professionalism and charm your corporate party expects and deserves. No detail is unattended to at a sit down dinner aboard our party boat. All specialties are catered to your guests at a holiday or company party on Sun Dream yacht charters.

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